International Amateur Football Association

International Amateur Football Association for already more than three years has an experience of organizing the sporting events for all fans of the most popular sport on the planet – FOOTBALL.

Anatoliy Fyodorovich Byshovets

Anatoliy Fyodorovich Byshovets

We have been organizing various football tournaments with the participants from different European countries – Great Britain, Greece, Ukraine, Armenia, Russian Federation and other countries. Major International tournaments were held in different parts of Europe. We are proud of our successful events in London, Porto-Carras resort in Greece, Stepanakert in Nagorniy Karabakh Republic (Armenia). By the way we have also Armenian representative office of IAFA.

Former International and ex-Soviet football stars are usual guests of our tournaments. We have had the honour to welcome such a great players like S. Scillaci, F.Baresi, S.Conceicao, A.Bishovetz, A.Talalaev, Y.Gavrilov, A.Panov. S.Kiriyakov, S.Rebrov, A.Tsveiba, Z.Djanashia, A.Mirzoyan, V.Vashuk, A.Gusin and others.


Academy "Spartak" football name F.F.Cherenkova

Have some play with a gorgeous Russian striker Alexander Panov obviously is incredibly interesting. But still the main goal for every team is a trophy. Impressive trophies as well as solid cash rewards for the winners and the best scorers and goalkeepers. This is what you can get participating in IAFA tournaments. Even the teams which were not so successful in the particular tournament will not remain forgotten. We always want see all them back to our next tournament.

That's why we invite everyone, every team to join International Amateur Football Association. Come and enjoy the most popular game on the earth in legendary FC Spartak Moscow indoor arena "Sokolniki". BE PART OF IAFA and do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions. Tel. +371 2 6230035 (English speaking staff).