Already at six o'clock in the evening at "Hotel Porto Carras" stadium football fans began to getting excited waiting for the final battle of IAFA Summer Cup 2013. It was quite strange but several Greek football team players from famous local clubs such as Panathinaikos, Olympiacos, Iraklis, PAOK refused to get on the football pitch because of a long trip from Kos Island where they stayed unbeaten and won the tournament. Even more strangely was the fear to get injured in the final game against Armenian side "Dizak." Finally the bus with the Greek team with even a greater name "Hellas Stars" arrived to the stadium. Remarkable is that the coach of the Greeks just before the game shaking the hand of the captain of team "Dizak" said in English - "Sorry but this time, you have no hope". Armenian football star, a former player of Locomotive Moscow and a captain of team “Dizak” Ovannes Goaryan stayed calm. The phrase of the coach just makes him smile.

The match began at 19:00 local time. The Greeks started bravely. Attack by another attack but Armenian side goalkeeper Deniss Smolyaninov was outstanding. What a couple of fantastic saves from him at the beginning of the final game. Armenians struggling hard and in the 15th minute of the match Karen Beglaryan receives the ball from the goalkeeper, passes it to George Buliskeriya and with the wonderful strike he scored the first goal of the match. No chance for the Greek team goalkeeper Agis Sarakis, former goalkeeper of Heraklion team. Unfortunately Armenians enjoying their lead just for a while.. Almost immediately Vassilis Anastasiadis levelled the score. 1-1 at half time.

The second half was marked by a marvellous play of team "Dizak." Ovannes Goaryan, Aram, Minasyan, Giga Mamulashivi, Sergey Alborov shined on the field. Couple of great attacks and Armenian are in front by 3-1. The Greeks tried to fight back but were stopped by marvellous Armenian side. Team “Dizak" deserved to receive the trophy and the applause of their opponents and numerous fans.

Our congratulations to Ovannes Goaryan, Armen Mirzoyan, Sergey Alborov, Aram Minasyan, Dennis Smolyaninov, Giga Mamulashvili and George Buleskeriya for winning IAFA Super Cup 2013. We do hope that there will be a team which break this already existing tradition and will take away the trophy from team “Dizak” in 2014.

Looking forward to meet you in IAFA Super Cup 2014!